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Hollowed Out

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Hollowed Out

It’s hard to go through life feeling like a carved pumpkin. Sometimes the faces can be scary. Sometimes they are funny, but never does it feel good to have your guts ripped out. What I have found to be helpful in these times is to write a gratitude list.

It may be hard to find things that I am grateful for, but that’s when the real digging begins.

Dust off the shovel and till the soil of your life.

Are you breathing? Have you been given a new day in which to make free choices? Do you have ONE friend in whom you can confide? It’s a good day.

When your guts are lying on the ground and your seeds are scattered, that is the time to look for the remnant that remains. Life can be hard.

But, if there is breath in your body, you can find a shred of gratitude.

Most pumpkins wind up with a candle inside to light up the darkness. This is the time to take your hollowed out self and bring in some light. Sit. Rest. Glow.

It’s hard to go through life feeling like a carved pumpkin, hollowed out. But finding the little things in life to be grateful for: breath, free choice, the comfort of a friend…it’s a good day.


Author: Dawn Bennett

Author, Speaker, Minister, Advocate for growth and change. I love my family and I love my God. Being a human being is the most exasperating and invigorating aspect of this life. I love learning new things and pushing myself beyond my fears. I enjoy partnering with people and walking with them down life's open road. One of my favorite quotes is by the late Helen Keller, "Life is a daring adventure, or nothing". I concur. Don't be afraid to be human.

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